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Who really makes the best Tacos?

Create and run your own foodfight tour for your friends and family to participate in.  Aggregate everyones scores
across 3 values: 
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  • Taste

  • Value 

Compete to find the best food in your area.

Find the winners of past Foodfights.

Can't decide what to eat?

Consult the Foodfight grandstand to see the winners of past foodfights in your area.  Hungry for Sushi?  Check out which restaurant won the most recent Sushi Showdown in your hometown.

Don't take my word for it, I'm Corporate scum.

Here are some totally real reviews that should provide some social authority and convince you to make it more fun to eat food with your buddies again, friend-o.
Tony "el Tigre" F.
5/7 Perfect.
Jon "Food Daddy" A.
I fully recommend this app and that has nothing to do with the fact that I created it.
Combination plate no.33
Without Foodfight, no one would ever know that I can curb-stomp any other enchilada+burrito combo along the wasatch front.